Vermilion City's Gym

I am a pokemon master from vermilion city, my passion are electric type pokemons, like Jotleon, Luxray, Electross, Zekrom and Pikachu. Someday I will enter the Kanto region league.


                      “First, you need to weaken the target Pokémon

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I put together a “cursed museum object” for my friend’s birthday, using stuff I had around my house… cicada shells, twigs and paper. Yes, I keep weird stuff around my house.


goal in life: memorize the entire Pokerap.

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These are my teams for each Gen. Each has the 6 that i would want in my team and the 4 in the backgrounds are the ones i would exchange in and out to the PC throughout the games. I wish i was a talented artist to draw them out. maybe soon i’ll practice my artwork but until then i just wanted to see them all together like this.

Kalos Region Gym Badges 

  1. Bug Badge - Viola : Santalune City
  2. Cliff Badge - Grant: Cyllage City
  3. Rumble Badge - Korrina: Shalour City
  4. Plant Badge - Ramos: Coumarine City
  5. Voltage Badge - Clemont: Lumiose City
  6. Fairy Badge - Valerie: Laverre City
  7. Psychic Badge - Olympia: Anistar City
  8. Iceberg Badge -  Wulfric: Snowbelle City 

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